The 2020 Leake Family Reunion
scheduled for July 17-19, 2020 
in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
has been cancelled

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John L. Richardson Leake Sr. (1869-1937)
John L. Richardson Leake Sr. (1869-1937)
John L. Richardson Leake Sr. (1869-1937) was the son of Dennis Richardson Sr. & Lucy Maple-Richardson

Throughout this web-site names of Leake Family members are
color-coded to distinguish which of the four wives of John L. Richardson Leake Sr. of whom we are direct descendants:

*Descendants of Gillie Carpenter-Leake*

*Descendants of Rebecca Celia Miller-Leake
*Descendants of Cora Freeman-Leake 

*Descendants of Victoria Rice Crawford-Leake*

*Descendants of Dennis Richardson Sr.*

Darin (Pookie) Leake (Web-Master)
Darin (Pookie) Leake (Web-Master)
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This website will serve as our means of communication as we plan our next family reunion to be held in  2014. Please vote on the poll page on various items related to our reunion. You can also take the Leake Family Quiz. See how well you know the history of our family. Please send us pictures through the "Then and Now" page as well comments about what you are up to.