"Freedmen Voting In New Orleans in 1867 "

 1867 picture above shows African Americans who were slaves just a couple years earlier participating in their first election as free men.

1) What can we do as a Leake Family Project?
Create a Family Investment Club
Make a Family Recipe Book
Have a Family Birthday Club
Establish a Family Youth Scholarship Fund
All The Above
None of The Above
2) Which will we have more of at the 2010 Leake Family Reunion?

3) Please vote on what day you would prefer to have the Picnic and Banquet.
Picnic Friday evening and Banquet Saturday night.
Banquet Friday night and Picnic Saturday evening.
Both Picnic and Banquet on Saturday.
No Preference
4) What type of music would you perfer to hear played at the Leake Family Reunion 2008?
R & B
Combination Oldies and R & B

5) Where would you like to hold the 2012 Leake Family Reunion?
Memphis, Tennessee
Houston, Texas
St. Louis, Missouri
Atlanta, Georgia
Hernando, Mississippi
6) Would you like to continue the Leake Family Reunion web-site?
No, cut the service
Yes, keep it going
Yes, and I will help finance the site

7) Which family reunion would you rather attend?
The Brady's
The Sopranos'
Homer Simpson's
The Parker's
The Brown's