1) In what County was John L. Richardson Leake Sr. and his brothers and sisters born?
Shelby County, TN.
Marshall County, MS.
Fayette County, TN.
Desoto County, MS.
2) Which Carpenter military veteran served in the Civil War?
Haywood Carpenter
Issac Carpenter
Charlie Carpenter
Dennis Carpenter

3) Which one of John L. Richardson Leake's wives died on her 32nd Birthday?
Gillie Carpenter-Leake
Rebecca Celia Miller-Leake
Cora Freeman-Leake
Victoria Rice Crawford-Leake
4) Which one of the following family members was born in 1799)
Lucy Richardson
Fannie Carpenter
Dennis Richardson
Eda Carpenter

5) How many children did John L. Richardson Leake Sr. have?
6) Where was the 2002 Leake Family Reunion held?
Memphis, Tennessee
St. Louis, Missouri
Houston, Texas
Atlanta, Georgia