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Dominique Jabari Leake #12 is a wide receiver with the Southwind High School Football Team.

He is the son of Darin (Pookie) Leake Sr & Sylvia Cobb-Leake and the grandson of Hayward Leake Sr & Frankie Guy-Leake.

Check out these video clips of Isa Anderson, son of Maurice Anderson and great-grandson of Bernice Leake-Anderson.
Best of the Preps Champions
Best of the Preps Champions
Charquita Anderson was choosen Scholar-Athlete of the Year for 2009 in the Shelby Suburban Division of the Best of the Preps Awards in the Memphis area.

  She attends Southaven High School in Southaven, Mississippi.

Charquita is the daughter of Marquita (KeKe) Anderson and the granddaughter of Robert (Nig) Anderson & the late Hazel Leake-Anderson.